<a href="post-style-1.html"><b>Welcome!</b></a><p>Located on Historic Fort McClellan's own golf course, we are close to everyone in Calhoun County</p> <a href="post-style-1.html"><b>Cane Creek Golf Course</b></a><p>Still just as beautiful as when our Nation's Army was stationed here, the area has been kept up nice year round.</p> <a href="post-style-1.html"><b>Drinks?</b></a><p>We offer all kinds of refreshing drinks.  Alcoholic and Non!</p> <a href="post-style-1.html"><b>Our Cuisine?</b></a><p>Mexican, Italian and Southern Grilled Favorites</p>
Fantastic Food

Our menu is a blend of Southern "Off-the-grill" entrees, Italian entrees and Mexican dinners. You are sure to find a meal that you will enjoy.

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Great Beverages

From Irish Coffee, to traditional sodas, to a refreshing beverage from the bar, Sandbagin will pair your meal up with the drink of your choice.

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Great Appetizers

Chicken wings? Nachos? Chips and White Cheese? Oh yes, we absolutely have them. Check out the appetizers on our menu but don't fill up to much before your entree comes.

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Welcome To Sandbagin' At Cane Creek

Where Friends Compete, Drink and Eat

Hello again my friends., This is Rocco, founder of Acapulco Restaurant and chef from 1985 to 2005. I would like to thank all you for your past support and friendship thru the years

.After 6 years out of the restaurant businees I have decide to go back do it again so here we are in beautiful and historic Fort McClellan our new facility is the club house for the Cane Creek golf course. So, grab your clubs and couple of friends and experience a great round of golf, food and your favorite cocktails and yes that includes our famous frozen margaritas. And if you give me two strokes a hole, I may gamble with you. After all our new name is sandbagin@ Cane Creek.

Hope to see you soon Rocco.


Sandbagging, hiding the strength, skill or difficulty of something or someone early in an engagement, may refer to deliberately playing below one's actual ability in order to fool opponents into accepting higher stakes bets, or to lower one's competitive rating in order to play in a future event with a higher handicap and consequently have a better chance to win; the term has spread to chess, go and other such games or playing poorly until establishing a handicap and then raising bets, using the established handicap to unfairly win




Reserve Our Facilities For Your Next Event
  • Receptions
  • Birthdays
  • High School Reunions
  • Office Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • and any other special event check with us and see if we are right for you!

Give us a call at 256.820.9315


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